Car Shipping

A Special Service Catering To Your Love of Special Vehicles:

We share your love for special and high performance vehicles and our SVO provides extremely careful handling and car shipping. High value vehicles deserve exceptional care during transit, and only experts like us can deliver.

Your unique needs are heard.

High-performance vehicles have unique requirements and our expert car shipping service fulfils those requirements easily. We’re a preferred logistics company in Dubai known for our proper securing techniques and have the foresight and expertise to address any potential challenges that may arise. When you choose Verden Logistics you get access to specialised equipment not commonly available to our competitors.

Why choose Verden Logistics for your prized vehicles?

Expertise: We have the skills required to handle your vehicles with care while ensuring they arrive safely.

Specialised Equipment: Our access to advanced equipment to transport your vehicle safely is what places us above most of our competitors.

Peace of Mind: With our care and expertise, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be loaded and unloaded safely and in pristine condition.

Car Shipping: Benefit from our experience in dealing with customs regulations, secure handling, and reliable international transportation, which makes our service a preferred choice whether you are an individual or a business.


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